The Villages of Deerfield and Bannockburn are pleased to announce that the North Avenue Infrastructure Replacement Project is tentatively scheduled to begin during the week of July 5th. You may notice the contractor will be erecting signs and mobilizing material and equipment within the next week or two. This project is a joint venture between the Villages of Deerfield and Bannockburn, as the roadway and some of the underlying utilities are jointly owned.

The purpose of this project is to reconstruct the existing Village-owned infrastructure along North Avenue between Wilmot Road and Telegraph Road/Chestnut Street. The project will include complete removal and replacement of the existing roadway, water main replacement, installation of new storm sewer, and installation of new concrete curbs. The project has been carefully planned by staff members of both municipalities to make sure that disruption is kept to a minimum and that the end product is a success.

Project Schedule: To facilitate the work and keep the contractor on schedule, the project will be divided into three stages: Stage I-underground utility work; Stage II-concrete curb installation, roadway removal/replacement; and Stage III-parkway restoration. At times construction work may be underway at various locations simultaneously. Future notifications regarding scheduled operations at each location will be communicated, through the project specific website as information becomes available. We invite residents to visit the project specific website and subscribe to receive construction notifications via email.

Stage I-Underground Utility Work: 

Stage I includes any necessary tree removal, installation of new water main, sanitary sewer point repairs and lining, and storm sewer installation. The majority of construction will be performed in the roadway area with the exception of the replacement of water services within the parkway area. Be advised that the right-of-way is approximately 30 feet from the center line of pavement. If you have existing appurtenances within the parkway or Village Right of Way, (i.e. sprinkler system, electronic “invisible” dog fence, landscape features, special decorative rocks, special vegetative plantings, etc.), you should remove or store these items to avoid damage by construction activity. The Village will not repair or replace private appurtenances left within the parkway or Village Right of Way that are damaged during construction.

Stage II-Concrete Curb Installation and Roadway Removal/Replacement: 

Stage II will begin upon completion of the underground utility work. The work will be performed as follows:

  • Excavation along the edges of the roadway and installation of new concrete curbs.
  • Removal of roadway pavement and placement of new bituminous asphalt pavement.
  • Repair of driveway sections impacted by construction.

During Stage II, residents may not have access to their driveways while concrete curbs and/or driveway aprons are being installed. During this time, residents will need to park their vehicles on adjacent streets during construction hours (7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m) .Notifications will be sent to residents to provide further instruction. The Deerfield Police Department will be notified that residents will be parking in these areas during this stage of construction.

Stage III-Parkway Restoration: 

All parkway areas disturbed by construction activity will be restored with new sod. However, due to the complex nature of the project and the unpredictability of the weather, some delays and disruptions may occur. If you are planning a special event, such as a wedding or large party, or have special needs, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you. Construction is expected to be completed by November 30, 2016.

Notes Regarding Lead in Drinking Water:

As part of the water main improvement, the water service line that serves your home will be replaced from the new water main up to your external water shut off valve. This section of your water service will be replaced with a copper line that meets IEPA and National Plumbing Code requirements. The external shut off valve is typically located within the parkway in front of your home, and can be identified as a metal cover approximately four inches in diameter. The remaining section of your water service line may be comprised of lead. Lead service lines do not meet current IEPA or National Plumbing Code requirements, but are allowed to remain in use. According to the Municipal Code and the IEPA, this portion of the water service line is owned and maintained by you, as the property owner.

During installation, staff will make note if the remaining portion of your water service line is comprised of lead. If so, the Village will be providing a complimentary water sample to make sure your drinking water meets IEPA regulations. You will be notified if testing is recommended.

As construction progresses the Project Manager will be sending out email notifications to all those who have subscribed through the project specific website.

If you require special assistance or have questions about the project, please contact the Engineering Department at 847.317.2490. Throughout construction, you may also contact our Resident Engineer, Lucas Deferville, at 847.344.5719 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Project Progress: