Friday, 28 October 2016 12:52

Construction Update - 10/28/2016

Work completed:

  • Berger completed the fine grading operations within the roadway limits.
  • Peter Baker & Son has installed hot-mix asphalt binder course throughout the project limits along North Avenue.
  • Kreative Scape has completed the installation of concrete sidewalk and driveway aprons.
  • The stone within each driveway apron has been installed and graded to accept hot-mix asphalt materials.
  • Utility structures within the roadway have been adjusted to finish elevations.

Anticipated schedule for next week:

  • Peter Baker & Son will install new hot-mix asphalt driveway aprons.
  • Arteaga will reinstall all brick driveways and sidewalks throughout the project limits.
  • Berger will complete fine grading operations within the parkways.
  • Upon completion of parkway grading, Arteaga will commence topsoil and sod installation throughout the project limits.
  • Percentage Complete: 78%

Neighborhood Impacts:

  • A detour will be in place and the road closed to thru traffic however construction operations will necessarily require daily lane or roadway segment closures and present delays for local vehicular traffic along North Avenue.

Project Progress: