Friday, 16 September 2016 19:52

Construction Update - 9/16/2016

Work completed:

  • Berger Excavating has completed the installation of the main line water system along North Avenue from Wilmot Road to Telegraph Road.
  • Sanitary sewer service replacements have been completed throughout the project limits.
  • The proposed sanitary manhole has been installed at North Avenue and Hawthorne Place.
  • Saturday Work: Berger will commence storm sewer lateral installations from Telegraph Road, working west. The new water main will be filled and flushed to Crowe Avenue. Please expect large amounts of water exiting the new fire hydrants.
  • A dust control plan has been implemented and maintained.

Anticipated schedule for next week:

  • Berger will continue to install the main line storm sewer system from east of Woodbine Court to Hawthorne Place.
  • Storm sewer lateral installations will continue throughout the project limits.
  • Berger will install the Telegraph Road water main crossing.
  • The new water main will be tested and disinfected per Contract requirements.
  • Following approved testing requirements, Berger will commence the installation of new water service connections throughout the project limits.
  • Visu-Sewer will be on-site cleaning the existing sanitary sewer from Hawthorne Place working towards to the east.
  • Percentage Complete: 41%

Neighborhood Impacts:

A detour is in place and the road closed to thru traffic. However construction operations will require daily lane or roadway segment closures and present delays for local vehicular traffic along North Avenue.

Project Progress: